Display Executive

Upscale guest experience for elite travellers.

A few months after Display Interactive decided to focus on the air transportation industry, we had the chance to develop for a major OAM a wireless PoC for their business jet cabin, focused on entertainment and cabin management services.

We learned a lot, at that time, about the specificities of this business aviation market, and its different components – from VVIP & VIP aircraft to corporate jets and charter jets. It was therefore natural that we adapted our core wireless product for this elusive market, and these demanding guests, whose expectations has been designed.

Display Executive has been developed as a specific product for business aviation, though using some of our field-proven components such as our Ultra-High Definition moving map. Streaming HD content on high-resolution wall monitors, which can also be used to display a map, or for business applications, is just a small glimpse of the capabilities of this product, leveraging connectivity to a new level and developed with our strategic partner and shareholder Eclipse Global Connectivity.

Display Executive is currently in use on selected aircraft, with the highest levels of cyber-security and data privacy required by this market segment.

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