UGO Wireless IFE

Designed to engage your passengers, and to grow with your expectations.

There’s much to say about our UGO Wireless IFE, as it is packed with features carefully selected to maximize your passengers’ experience, and to optimize the revenues it can bring to your company. Don’t hesitate to request an on-line demo, or a face-to-face discussion with one of our team members in charge of your region!

In short, and because there’s no discussion that an IFEC solution should contribute to your business, UGO will provide a full range of eCommerce features, and allow for multiple virtual shops to be deployed on board – dedicated to in-flight sales, digital contents, destination services – and much more.

UGO also includes a complete range of advertising and sponsoring use cases, which can be tailored to your expectations, from simple interstitials and pre-rolls to more sophisticated Calls To Action.

UGO comes with multiple secured payment options, crew applications, and workflows templates for your partners, so our off-the-shelf product is (almost) ready to go. And it is hungry for Internet connectivity, in order to contribute on a larger scale to your business case thanks to a unified Web portal!

It is worth highlighting that moving maps are a mandatory feature for any IFEC portal, as they drag a lot of attention and engagement from passengers. UGO includes as a standard feature a Ultra-High Definition interactive map, entirely developed by our teams, with an amazing zoom level of 1 pixel for 15 meters! An illustrated version – designed in our creative labs for younger passengers – is also available and equally fed from actual flight data.

Cabin services is another range of features supported by UGO, including meal service, PAX surveys, or more tailored options to be discussed directly with your teams.

Finally, if you are looking for traditional entertainment features – such as movies, videos, audio & games, magazines – we certainly can offer those, with a web-based DRM protection approved by all major studios.