Join the dots. See the patterns.

IFEC data is a common promise, but let’s face it, it is seldom fulfilled. Too many platforms do not provide the relevant data, or provide it in their own ways, which is not convenient, or irrelevant to your teams. Not to mention, possibly, the hurdles of consolidating multiple platforms equipped on your fleet.

UGOsmart has been designed to provide your teams with the relevant data, consolidated into KPIs tailored for their needs. This data is collected in real-time from the aircraft, and distributed -using Internet connectivity- on screens and PCs in your facilities.

Initially designed to monitor entertainment services usage and support agile programming decision, our data visualization tool is expanding to report all ancillary activities, thus giving your teams the feedback tools and reactiveness they would have with an eCommerce site on ground.

UGOsmart comes as an addition to our UGO Wireless product, which includes as a baseline the delivery of all raw data generated by the system and monthly dashboards.