A single point of contact from STC to EIS.

The best experts for your IFEC program – under a single responsibility.

At Display Interactive, our core business is all about software and service. And please believe us, constantly enhancing our UGO product so that it includes the latest technologies and brings new possibilities to our customers takes a lot of time, considering the high quality standards of our R&D team and our CTO.

For the engineering part of our programs, we have been successfully cooperating with leading MROs and equipment vendors around the world, including some OAMs. It was clear to us that there was no way our company could one day reach their level of expertise and experience.

And at some point, even if our team was more than knowledgeable, we decided that we needed a strategic partner to cover the technical side of our aero industry. We entered into a strategic partnership with Eclipse Global Connectivity in March 2020, after a long-lasting collaboration. They became our first industrial shareholder, with immediate benefits for our respective customers: higher quality standards, shorter schedules, reduced budgets, less complexity.

Eclipse Technics teams are now fully integrated in all our program work, and bring their huge experience to your service: from aircraft surveys to STC and installation support, you will have a unique point of contact for your IFEC program, with first-class skills supporting your engineering teams and/or your preferred MRO. And they know a lot about connectivity!