Program Management

We don’t manage program milestones. We rather partner with your teams.

Some senior members of our team have worked for airlines in the past, and we went through these long & fastidious ‘milestones’ meetings, where each PowerPoint slide brings more boredom and frustration. So… in short, we don’t work like that.

We have implemented a strict program management methodology, with all standard key milestones in our industry, from ITCM to EIS. Each one is specifically tailored to fulfil program requirements, decision timeline, risk assessment, options closure, so that we can proceed together towards a smooth EIS

Beyond that, we see an IFEC program as the place where our teams will exchange, collaborate, and develop their mutual trust as we’ll hopefully engage in a subsequent phase into a multi-year relationship. The main goal is to gain a common understanding of what should be activated amongst the limitless possibilities of UGO, to reach your business objectives.

Our methodology is based on a co-development approach of the IFEC service with your teams – converging on features, schedule, budget and profitability, leveraging your brand DNA and your passengers on your route network. To make sure we understand how your business is unique, we’ll ask for data. And in return, based on our tools and simulation kits, we’ll offer a choice of options, and a recommendation. Your teams will always have the final cut.