Inspired by the best practices from the digital world, IFEC as a Service.

We like simplicity, as we believe it relieves costs, delays, errors and frustration.

We are keen to have your teams planning for new enhancement to PaxEx, and pushing their inflight service to new horizons, rather than arguing about schedules and budgets.

Since 2018, we propose a single contract for all your IFEC portal operations, including maintenance & support, software upgrades & content updates, requests for changes (because we cannot believe you’ll keep the same portal for years), data reporting and periodical feedback from our team. And much more! You don’t have to worry any longer about changing your portal – even for a short period or just one aircraft. It is included.

And the beauty of our model is that such services are offered under a monthly subscription by aircraft, which is committed right from the start.

Your finance department is going to love this as much as your inflight product team.